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shmannerscast@gmail.com (Travis McElroy)
Flux : Shmanners
Hello Internet! This week's episode is all about the giving and getting of ADVICE! Enjoy and please be sure to share!
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Wedding Advice

The Todd Glass Show
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May we give you some advice? Well, maybe not Advice, but advice on advice, perhaps? Like what to do with all...
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Advice from Dad

webmaster@kcrw.org (KCRW)
Flux : UnFictional
Live stories from Mike White, Ken Reid and Steven Yeun about getting advice (both good and bad) from their fathers.
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Writing Advices - Preview

The Other Stories | Sci-Fi, Horror, Thriller, WTF Stories
INTRODUCING - Writing Advices. A six-episode series of podcasts helping you to become a better writer. Well... not really......
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#223: GuapDad4000 Gives Advice

A Waste Of Time with ItsTheReal
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GrassTalkRadio.com Episode 050 Timeless Advice - This episode discusses a bit of wisdom which I found lurking in the preface...
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Flux : The Gist
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Advice to The New Writer

Comic Book Commentary
...over writing duties on Marvel's Thunderbolts. Len Wein, Adam Beechen, and Heath Corson give their advice based upon their experiences in taking over books from existing writers and as readers invested...
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Ep 177 - The Writing Advice Episode

shows@maximumfun.org (Brea Grant)
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