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Agatha Christie

shmannerscast@gmail.com (Travis McElroy)
Flux : Shmanners
Hello Internet! This week's episode is a biography all about AGATHA CHRISTIE! Enjoy and be sure to share!
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Flux : Do Go On
...to get started today. Our first show recorded on our UK tour is all about Agatha Christie. She's the best selling novelist of all time and the definitely the queen of...
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Agatha Christie was a great writer of murder mystery novels and is probably the best selling...
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Episode 70: Erin Patinkin and Agatha Kulaga

info@heritageradionetwork.org (Heritage Radio Network)
This week on Let’s Eat In Cathy Erway invites Erin Patinkin and Agatha Kulaga of Ovenly NYC. These makers of delicious baked goods and bar snacks such as...
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970 - Quiet Journeys of Professor Atwood | Agatha Presents

dearestscooter@sleepwithmepodcast.com (Dearest Scooter)
Flux : Sleep With Me
Another dreamy crossover, Agatha presents a dreamy rendition of "The Quiet Journeys of Professor Atwood" we take a trip...
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Flux : Sci-Fi Malady
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Flux : Sleep With Me
Compound words should confound the restless part of you mind. (6:49 Agatha takes the mic) While the music of the night is in the background, Agatha will...
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Flux : Sleep With Me
...tingle the tips of your ears as you sleep to this part of the story. Agatha and the people need water to stay safe within the castle. Fastidiously clean creatures stand...
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The Careless Victim

Just Old Time Radio
Agatha Christie's Poirot The Careless Victim 2-22-45 Public Domain http://oldtimeradiodvd.com
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Dan, James, Anna and Andy discuss the man behind human chess, Agatha Christie's untranslatable book and deceitful camemberts.
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The panel tackles Kenneth Branagh's new Agatha Christie remake — and picks a few recommendations for when you just want to snuggle...
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Flux : Radiolab
...data, clues to the real-life mysteries of human aging are found in the writings of Agatha Christie and 678 nuns.
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Flux : Sleep With Me
Like a bendy straw this intro is long and uh bendy. (Agatha intro at 20:19 story at 23:29) After we catch up and I apologize for the...
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Darren Lynn Bousman Returns

ID10T with Chris Hardwick
...about interactive experiences he creates, how genre films are reviewed and his new movie St. Agatha!
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