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#257: Riz Ahmed

The Empire Film Podcast
...rapids to a city of tiny lights via a galaxy far, far away with Riz Ahmed. More from the Empire Podcast: http://www.empireonline.com/tags/empire-podcast
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Guest Ahmed Gaya, Field Director, Yes on 1631, speaks with Diane Horn about Initiative 1631, which would...
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...the star of HBO's The Night Of and the upcoming Star Wars: Rogue One, Riz Ahmed explains why the British Asian experience made hip-hop so important to him as a kid...
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From Havana to London to New York (virtually), it's guitarist Ahmed Dickinson Cardenas! 
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Bullseye guest host Shereen Marisol Meraji, host of NPR's Code Switch, talks with the musician Ahmed Gallab. You might know Ahmed as the man behind the band Sinkane. Ahmed and Shereen...
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Flux : The Sporkful
Beef ribs + pizza = love... We're celebrating Valentine’s Day with Taz Ahmed, a writer, activist, and co-creator of the podcast #GoodMuslimBadMuslim. Over halal beef ribs at Big Al's...
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Flux : StarShipSofa
...and Other Stories by Christie Yant 25:58 Fact: Everything by Morgan Saletta 01:02:25 Interview: Saladin Ahmed 01:14:28 Main Fiction : The Faithful Solider Prompted by Saladin Ahmed 01:27:30 Narrators: Amy H....
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Flux : Encore!
...Palme-winning Dardenne brothers are back on the Croisette to present their last film "Le jeune Ahmed". Three years after winning an Oscar for his documentary about Amy Winehouse, the British filmmaker...
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How do you become a Biz woman who ROCKS? Listen to our Interview with Heba Ahmed Malki of domilya GROUP! When Heba Ahmed Malki was fired from her job, her husband...
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Flux : Inside Pop
...film? We'll discuss! Also,  Amita was in the same room with her celebrity husband, Riz Ahmed, and didn't faint! Find out how she got to see him in person and what...
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Our #Pokemon Sword and Shield conversation continues with Doug and our friends CollectorShuki and Hassan Ahmed. We talk all about what makes the Galar region special, our impressions of this generation’s...
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Flux : Encore!
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Marie Nimier

...Marie Nimier fait son Grand Atelier - invités : Marie Nimier, Chloé Delaume, Jean Rouaud, Ahmed MADANI, Anissa Aouragh, Karelle PRUGNAUD - Marie NIMIER Chloé DELAUME Jean ROUAUD Ahmed MADANI Anissa...
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...lui posera la question. - invités : Marie Nimier, Thierry Illouz, Chloé Delaume, Jean Rouaud, Ahmed MADANI, Karelle PRUGNAUD - Marie NIMIER Thierry ILLOUZ Chloé DELAUME Jean ROUAUD Ahmed MADANI Karelle...
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