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...Sam Stove on The Daily Drive about his new book "High Voltage: The Life of  Angus Young , ACDC's Last Man Standing".
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Troy Van Leeuwen, Queens of the Stone Age

Chewin' It with Kevin and Steve
...guitars, trashing hotel rooms, QOTSA, the new Failure tour, meeting Lemme, playing in multiple bands, Angus Young , wearing crushed velvet suits, record labels and of course... STDs. Enjoy the Chew!!
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Prolific rock writer Jeff Apter has recently published the first biography to focus exclusively on Angus Young . If you dig AC/DC and are a fan of Australian rock, ‘High Voltage’ is...
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Lava Lamp Lounge
...as long as you're on the highway. Discussions include double drummers, Canadian roadways, and what Angus Young thought about his touring schedule. Find out what letter of the alphabet is a favorite...
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...Dave Evans’ place in rock n roll history is assured….however Dave’s time with Malcolm and Angus Young is only one chapter - in a lifetime spent producing great, hard-driving rock n roll....
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...experiences being on Brian Johnson's final shows with AC/DC, how Axl saved that tour with Angus Young , and how he started this amazing career path. We also talk The Shakedown's new...
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Loudini Interviews Vijay of InRegalia

...ethnic sensibilities. Some of his guitar heroes and influences are Jimmy Page, Ritchie Blackmore and Angus Young . "The journey to musical fulfillment is endless " he says.
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Flux : The Hustle
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...voyage. From touring and recording with the Ted Mulry Gang, his friendship with Malcolm and Angus Young , producing some of Australia's most popular country artists and so much more - if...
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...16:06 -  IC vs. Transistor Based Dirt Circuits  20:57 - Waiting, Brass Saddles, Frank And Angus Young ’s Guitar 26:50 - Does A Telecaster Cover All Bases 30:00 - Drummers…We’re Sorry Find...
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...Alex Skolnick, Lita Ford, John 5, Leslie West, Mick Mars, Duff McKagan, Brian Johnson & Angus Young … cool stories about his guitars, pizza, growing up in Queens, the “NYC thing,” and...
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...finally came to the discovery of something that became responsible for the sound of one Angus Young . So sit back, drive on, drink up, or whatever it is you do while...
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