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EXP Podcast #166: Bioware Blues

The Experience Points Podcast
...remains in full swing, and while many are already growing tired of the backlash against Bioware, it would be a missed opportunity to not discuss ramifications of player-driven protestations. Of course...
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...let’s bury it in style with a look at five of the best romances from BioWare games, as chosen by guest star Kayla Zumbaum of PNB Podcast. Things then take an...
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Action Button Entertainment art director Brent Porter hangs out for some real talk about BioWare, escort missions, and how to make D-Day interesting again.
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...of the upcoming Stardew Valley multiplayer mode, Dark Horse releases a Witcher 3 (very) adult colouring book and Bioware Montreal is officially absorbed by EA Motive. Thanks for listening! The GoGCast comes out weekly...
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Action Button Entertainment art director Brent Porter hangs out for some real talk about BioWare, escort missions, and how to make D-Day interesting again. Questions this week: What can horror...
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EXP Podcast #37: Guns & Wizard Hats

The Experience Points Podcast
...content with the RSS link on the right.Show notes:- Run time: 29 min 57 sec- "BioWare's Muzyka: Line RPGs, Shooters Blurring" by Chris Kohler, via Wired- Music provided by Brad Sucks
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EXP Podcast #559: Webs and Reworks

The Experience Points Podcast
...Spider-Man swings into Sony's corporate office (and swings out to with a boatload of cash), Bioware is rebuilding the very core of Anthem, and we say goodbye to our old frenemy...
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This new game is looking to put Bioware’s Dragon Age out of business. If you haven’t seen any footage of the gameplay, you...
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You hear that? It's the sound of a jet pack gone quiet. Last week BioWare announced it's intention to shut down Anthem's relaunch, leaving us to wonder "What if?" This...
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...moments as a Nintendo Ambassador including playing 1-2-Switch! with John Cena. This week in news: Bioware Montreal is restructured and Mass Effect put on ice, Next Assassin’s Creed's name and screenshot...
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...the design process. In this first segment I chat with Manveer Heir, Senior Designer at BioWare, about his work and the challenges presented by a complex project. Manveer discusses his day-to-day...
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The GAP Episode 260 – Fallout Four Future Fighters

joab.gilroy@gmail.com (The GAP Crew)
...Souls 2, World of Tanks, Grow Home, Sunless Sea, and more. Over in the news Bioware has cancelled Shadow Realms, a Zelda TV show is coming to Netflix, and Bethesda is...
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EXP Podcast #224: A New Hope for Star Wars

The Experience Points Podcast
...internet has been abuzz with mixed feelings. Some are eager to see what Visceral or BioWare can do with the franchise. Others are a bit more pessimistic. This week on the podcast,...
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Flux : StarShipSofa
...veteran of the videogame’s industry (where he spent ten years building hit role-playing games with BioWare) he now spends most of his time raising two young boys and writing. Online he...
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