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...about his weekend! Later, Eddie Winters welcomes friend of the Coup and lead guitarist for Biters, Matt Gabs to the program. Eddie and Matt discuss his work with (the) Biters, recent...
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On this episode I do a track by track review of the new Biters record, The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be. Also a show review of the...
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...and Bakko’s hoarding vs. LC’s purge fetish. Music: Sweet & Lynch, Alice Cooper, Van Halen, Biters, Bobaflex, Rick Astley, Megadeth, Motley Crue, Weird Al, Alestorn (not Halestorm - ALEstorm. Pirate Metal!)
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Rock N Roll Manifesto 258

rnrmanifesto@gmail.com (Greg Lonesome)
Brand new tracks from Miscalculations, Biters, the Fuck Off and Dies, Criminal Mind and much more.  
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Ep 84: Punk Ass Bitch

Loose Cannon & Bakko
...a Bush Bro-down and more. Music: Bad Religion, Angel City Outcasts, NOFX, L7, Local H, Biters, Menzingers, Wyldlife, Descendents, Megadeth, Shatterproof
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A2G Overtime 01 - Quarantined Musings

AXE TO GRIND PODCAST & Sound Talent Media
...the hard topics like how good was that Code Orange stream and can we expect biters? The difficulty of canceling events even under duress. Close it out with some chatter on...
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Medium 5fbc01512b7af2f0279e4a18300d4459082ba8ec
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...classic and new artists you need to know. Featuring: Alice Cooper, Stone Sour, Stephen Pearcy, Biters, Eclipse, Shaman's Harvest, Big Wreck, Black Spiders, Creeper, Stone Horses, Rolling Stones. Ep is based...
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Flux : Savage Hippie
...and some other shit I forgot. For this week's Sounds of Marshabaloosh, we feature the Biters with their song "1975" from their first album, Electric Blood. Just like with Giuda, the...
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...fest and continues to have issues ordering food. #YearOfTheCobra Music: Texas Hippie Coalition: Dirty Finger Biters: Low Lives in High Definition Judas Priest: Heading Out to the Highway Body Count: Institutionalized...
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...prove rock's not dead featuring some killer new 2016 tracks from Airbourne, Ghost, Blink 182, BITERS, the LAST VEGAS, CJ Wildheart, Prophets of Rage, SUM 41. Since so much great new...
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...for all of you. Can you figure out the theme of these tracks from KISS, Biters, Wildhearts, David Lee Roth, Quiet Riot, Hives, Twisted Sister and more? It's ain't easy. While...
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...off in the work place. And, believe it or not, more! #YearOfTheCobra Featuring the music: Biters - Restless Hearts KISS - Deuce Iron Maiden - Running Free Extreme - It('s A...
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