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...do País. Destaque para as participações especiais de Dead "Richy” Gein, baterista e vocalista do Bloodsucking Zombies from Outer Space , Jeremy Lenten, baixista do grupo Midriff, Rainer Lidauer baterista do grupo Jacobs Moor, do...
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campgroundpirateradio@gmail.com (Uncle Waldo)
...days of August fly right by. You can dig on bands like Ten Foot Pole, Bloodsucking Zombies from Outer Space , Osker, The Coffin Draggers, J Church and Muck and the Mires. Our featured artist...
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Flux : Six Foot Plus
...an interview with BNK, the Monstermatt Minute and music from White Blacula, The Reigning Monarchs, Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space and much more! www.6ftplus.com www.gravediggerslocal.com www.hahahorror.com www.twistedcentral.com www.hahahorror.com www.chillercinema.com www.Creepsville13.com. Creepsville ’13:... The post Episode...
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Flux : Six Foot Plus
...special, we get all lovey-dovey and hatey-matey on the 14th of February. With music from Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space , The Surf Zombies, Ding Dong Devils, The Phenomenauts, Dana Countryman and more. Listen and...
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Flux : Six Foot Plus
...and orange bash. 31 songs in celebration, including tracks from THE BRICKBATS, REZUREX, KING FLAMINGO, BLOODSUCKING ZOMBIES FROM OUTER SPACE , PHANTOM CREEPS, and more. Plus, Strange Jason reveals the future of Six Foot Plus....
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Flux : Six Foot Plus
...comes, Six Foot Plus gets some Christmas music (with a shout out to Hanukkah)  with BLOODSUCKING ZOMBIES FROM OUTER SPACE , ANGRY SNOWMANS and more. Plus, one of Santa’s least wanted helpers,... The post Episode...
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Flux : Six Foot Plus
...of the past and some new tunes. Hear tracks from HORROR OF ’59, WORMWOOD INN, BLOODSUCKING ZOMBIES FROM OUTER SPACE and more. If you have any stale jawbreakers, throw them... The post Episode 193: Some...
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