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Flux : Do Go On
Bruce Lee is the most famous martial artist of all time and had a profound influence on...
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Bruce Lee may have introduced more Westerners to Asian culture than any person in history. And, because...
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Many people know Bruce Lee as a martial artist and film star. But he was also a  philosopher, who articulated principles...
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Most people will know Bruce Lee for being one of the best karate experts of all time and for his kung-fu...
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...Unfortunately, they did not comply. There’s one man you can thank for your karate phase: Bruce Lee .  As my guest will show us today, Bruce Lee nearly single-handedly popularized martial arts...
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Jason Scott Lee

ID10T with Chris Hardwick
Jason Scott Lee (Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, Mulan) and Chris talk about his role in Back to the Future II, Jason...
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...Bill about the new movie Birth of the Dragon. A film about the life of Bruce Lee . Now....to be completely honest, I didn't stick around for this episode for two reasons....
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...Darby Pop Publishing We talked about the line of Darby Pop comics including the new Bruce Lee series approved by the Bruce Lee estate. Jeff talks about his beginnings in animation in the...
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...martial art related topics including the Modern Monks role playing game, martial arts in D&D, Bruce Lee , and Game of Death.
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Flux : The Hustle
...Bruce's new career as a prolific writer. Also, he's one of the world's experts on Bruce Lee of all people! Pick up the book and enjoy the ride!   https://www.brucethomas.co.uk/
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