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Lonely Planet has declared Canberra the 3rd best city in the world to visit in 2018. Seriously. Chris Zeiher from...
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  Live Review - Joe Satriani November 30, 2018 Canberra Playhouse Theatre, Australia Joe Satriani first toured Australia in 1988 as a hired gun on...
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...TV commentariat can whip politicians into a frenzy out of proportion with the reality outside Canberra, Laundy speaks about Malcolm Turnbull’s reaction to the spill, the disconnect between representatives and their...
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Guitar Speak Podcast
Print Concert Reviews Joe Satriani - Canberra Playhouse Theatre, November 30th 2018 All You Need Is Love - Sydney Opera House, January...
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Evana Ho

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Evana Ho is the creator and one person team behind the independent podcast Love, Canberra, which involves intimate conversations about love, sex and relationships. She is the coordinator of the...
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...no voices, just the sing of the forest coming to life early one morning near Canberra.
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We find out how Canberra is challenging Sydney and Melbourne’s monopoly on quality coffee and how London’s Kricket restaurant shot...
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...And is Boris Johnson’s stint as prime minister about to end? Plus: Russia’s state-run internet, Canberra’s plans to legalise cannabis and Monaco Yacht Show.
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...on The Daily Drive about making cider and brewing beer in and around Batlow and Canberra.
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Glen Nagle from the CSIRO NASA tracking station in Canberra chats to Kayley Harris and Nick Bennett on The Daily Drive about the upcoming Super Blue Blood...
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We speak with the organiser of the Kick The Dust Up Festival set to rock Canberra in November as well as playing new music from major country stars. Original Air Date:...
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Glen Nagle is from the CSIRO NASA tracking station in Canberra and he joins Nick and Kayley to talk about the Chinese satellite which is looking...
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