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This week's Requested Review is the fourth and final album by Cop Shoot Cop, 1994's Release. Neither of us knew what to expect, and our preconceived notions...
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Filmed in Canada: Bon Cop, Bad Cop

filmedincanada@gmail.com (www.filmedincanada.net)
Alexander and William investigate Bon Cop, Bad Cop in this episode. Can movie fans from opposite sides of the room work...
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Flux : Lady to Lady
Bad Cop Bad Cop (@bcbcmusic) joins the ladies to discuss Tinder, dinosaurs, ghosts, their album and more!...
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This week on Dying Scene Radio, Bob Noxious and Bobby Pickles play a game of good cop/bad cop with Jennie Cotterill, guitarist/vocals for the Los Angeles-based all-female punk act, Bad Cop / Bad Cop....
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Season 2 Episode 22: Bad Cop Bad Cop

Mable Syndrome Punk Rock Podcast
FINALLY!! Kristen sits down with and interviews the ladies from Bad Cop Bad Cop. They talk about how they each discovered punk rock, why they love it,...
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Flux : 60MW
Myself and Tina chat with Dave and Jerry from The Bad Cop Bad Cop Show. For the full podcast notes, please visit: www.60minuteswith.co.uk iTunes and/or Stitcher Radio...
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Cop Stories

Chewin' It with Kevin and Steve
...Steve chew it on the road from their hotel in KC! People always ask if cops have seen Super Troopers and if so, what is their reaction. This week Kevin &...
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Cop Mustache

ID10T with Chris Hardwick
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Cops Get Robbed!!!!!

John Osterlind
Atlanta ex cop has been charged with felony murder. Many police quit and call-in sick. "That's 70's Show"...
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Cops On Saint Andrews

Garrett Wadford
Cops On Saint Andrews by Garrett Wadford
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Loudini Interviews BAD COP

Firmly planted outside of any political spectrum, loud, unabashed and fluent in DIY principles, Bad Cop formed in 2009 and immediately caught interest of one of America's oldest punk labels--ROIR, home...
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Flux : Planet Money
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Paramount Network cancels the TV show "COPS" after over 30 seasons. Roger Goodell may be out as NFL Comissioner sooner that later....
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Vidjagame Apocalypse 187 – Undercover Cops

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