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...party! This is take two of trying to record this episode and, like the second DYS lp, it's better than the first!
...Bruja interviews Strongarm and the Bullies plus music by Argy Bargy, Hood Rats (Canada), Degeneration, DYS, Thug Riot and much, much more!! PLAY LOUD!! The post On The Nod Ep. 24...
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Episode 20: Brooke Little, Erin Tevlin, Ayse Gurdale & Robert Aguilera

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Halfway to St. Patrick's Day #275

Marc Gunn, Innisfall, The Saucy Rovers, O'Hanlons Horsebox, Pipedance, Breabach, Des Wade
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Whiskey in the Jar #402

Marc Gunn, The Gatehouse Well, Des Wade, Allison Girvan, The Jig Is Up!, Tartanic
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