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Space Songs # 1

Stuart Held
...perfect show to run. Today we will play songs from: Freddy Cannon / Trooper / Dennis Wilson / Montrose / Journey and more. So let's blast off into musical space and not...
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Legends - Beach Boys

Lava Lamp Lounge
...transition to leadership and songwriting roles. Don't worry, we revel in the greatness that is Dennis Wilson too! Our most popular show by far!
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Bluesmoose 1466-30-2019

Blues Moose Radio
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Nothing But The Blues #350

Nothing But The Blues
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Bluesmoose 1330-14-2018

Blues Moose Radio
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“File in my Fudge Cake” - Ep. 221

Shabby Road Record Show Podcast
Which singer got into an all out brawl with Beach Boys drummer Dennis Wilson on stage, in the middle of a concert? What do Ryan and AD consider to...
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...classics from Little Barrie, The Stones, Patsy Cline, Marsha Hunt, Nick Waterhouse, James Booker and Dennis Wilson . Email the show on info@theblueskitchen.com and follow on Twitter @theblueskitchen. If you would like...
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...explores the strange relationship between the wild-eyed, maniacal cult-leader Charles Manson and The Beach Boys' Dennis Wilson .  A former Manson Family member and a noted author and Manson Family expert discuss...
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Space Songs

Stuart Held
...Moon-Trooper 19.Hey Moon Men-Hilde Somer 20.The Man Who Found God On The Moon-Mike McGear 21.Moonlight- Dennis Wilson 22.Moon Love-Nat King Cole 23.Moondreams-Denny Laine Outro: Moonshot-10 Tuff Guitars Time Approx: 90 Min.
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