Medium 944bf15380bcaa7bb7df10410dd62e621fe7a68d
...Core machine that I really like.  https://amzn.to/2ICG2sJ And then we talk about rainbow flags and Ellen DeGeneres . https://www.netflix.com/title/80209096 Check out the GardenFork Amazon Shop: http://amazon.com/shop/gardenfork   Amazon links are affiliate links...
Medium 6979011f450a7f71f56846028d086c7df50b936f
Flux : Woman's Hour
Three producers on the Ellen DeGeneres Show in the US have been fired amid allegations of misconduct and sexual harassment and...
Medium 7fd3fd6ecd15e5a635df27a52b9f201d1c70297d
Katie Wech (creator, Good Sam), Lauren Pomerantz (head writer, The Ellen Degeneres Show; SNL; Am I Okay?), and Simran Baidwan (Ordinary Joe; Manifest) cover a lot of...
Medium 73986bc9f1c69c7946b8d25a5e38be8456f55f32
Medium 2093f219ca951cd07f793e629b423b2dd9062ac1
Flux : The Business
...stars of “A Quiet Place 2” make some noise over the movie’s theatrical run, and Ellen DeGeneres calls it quits. Kim Masters tackles it all with banter buddy Matt Belloni and Buzzfeed...
Medium 0458fa63d13e060401e2af6dca9b7146cffb7fc4
...for two decades, resolving real-life small claim disputes. She’s the queen of daytime television, beating Ellen DeGeneres , Dr. Phil, and even Oprah when she was on air.
Medium c73f36229f5c91afc6ec0e6b1b0def2348752c77
...shags his way into theaters, Frank Grimes hates Homer, Martin has an awkward finale, and Ellen Degeneres ... Read more
Medium 5e8ec5d7b7eddd32e065047fcffb63419251d9cc

Roze Buddiez: First Dates

wonderfulpodcast@gmail.com (Griffin McElroy)
Flux : Wonderful!
This week, we're hungrily tearing into the new Ellen DeGeneres /Drew Barrymore collabo First Dates, in which a bunch of folks go on First Dates...
Medium e54a1724711b07c86991d54ee9d4c99e5dfd3070
..."If This Was A Good Show..." - Our Fav Sub-Donut Erik joins us to discuss Ellen Degeneres ' second sitcom - The Ellen Show. Topics of debate include Daytime TV, Mitchell Hurwitz...
Medium 69c436bda76c1a9495c2b28fc1e78ccabd3899a6
...and Taron Egerton. We saw big speeches, a few surprises, and lifetime achievement prizes for Ellen DeGeneres and Tom Hanks.
Medium 0318092bbc796925b752822ccb4683adeff2d820

DftUnderground Episode 344

Dispatches from the Underground
Medium c73f36229f5c91afc6ec0e6b1b0def2348752c77
...his way into theaters, Frank Grimes hates Homer Simpson, Martin has an awkward finale, and Ellen Degeneres makes TV history. In 2007, we're pranked big time as Rickrolling is invented and Spider-Man...
Medium 6f2d9bddac7d8b1d363c99ec7adccafff19c7e5c
Medium a14fe9bde3a9205f62131340d1103654636b22f0
...goes down under and shares the stories of the Australian Nessie! Join us for antichrist Ellen Degeneres , bad Australian accent, and Jurassic Park killing God!   PODS WE'D ABDUCT! Best Forevers...
Medium 0458fa63d13e060401e2af6dca9b7146cffb7fc4
...it’s sickly and developers are considering removing it. Daytime TV mainstays such as Maury Povich, Ellen DeGeneres , and Wendy Williams are ending their shows. Who might replace them? Nuns are flocking...
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