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rockandrolljunkie.com present PODCAST EPISODE # 95 FAITH NO MORE
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Flux : Titre inconnu
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Flux : Album Swap
Episode 10 features Faith No More 's 1992 release "Angel Dust" and HAIM's "Days Are Gone". Angel Dust was a blueprint...
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In episode 57 Martin talks about Faith No More and Commercialism in these five songs: Faith No More - “Introduce Yourself”  Faith No More...
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Adrian Harte was first a young Faith No More fan growing up in Ireland. Then in 2009 he moved to Switzerland and started the...
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...by producer Matt Wallace, the man who was at the helm for the first four Faith No More albums, for a thorough examination of the band's 1992 schizophrenic masterpiece Angel Dust.
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Flux : Rock Bottom
EPISODE 77 - Lauz plays a show full of faves! Featuring Faith No More , SixFtHick, Behemoth, Dead Cross and more. Delightful! Playlist: Little V - Reach for the...
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Flux : Rock Bottom
...effect for this show! Playlist: Little V - Reach for the Heavens (Rock Bottom Theme) Faith No More - We Care A Lot Faith No More - Chinese Arithmetic Faith No More -...
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Flux : Rock Bottom
...and gets THRASHY! Brand new music too! Playlist: Little V - Reach for the Heavens Faith No More - As the Worm Turns Faith No More - We Care A Lot Faith No...
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Hard Rocking Trivia Show #100

Episode #100!!! Artists discussed Alice Cooper, Europe, Faith No More , & Accept. In "Top3/Bottom3" we get into Van Halen's ground breaking debut album in...
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...time are from...:Steve Vai / AC/DC / Alice In Chains / Guns & Roses / Faith No More and a few more... So strap in were in for a rocket N roll ride.......
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...Ben Harris-Hayes of Enochian Theory and heard music by Space Mirrors, Enochian Theory, Paul Simon, Faith No More , Devin Townsend, Ben Harris-Hayes, Alice In Chains, Meshuggah, Tool, Infected Mushroom, Van Morrison, Katatonia,...
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...Of God, Deftones, Queens of the Stone Age, System Of A Down, Steve Vai, Mastodon, Faith No More e Slipknot.
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De volta a programação habitual, vamos destacar muitos lançamentos de 2015 nos blocos SINGLES (Ghost, Faith No More , Venrez, Avantscene, Korpiklaani e Powerwolf), TRIBUTES (Attacker, Virgin Killer e MessengeR), REBOOT (Tengger Cavalry,...
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