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...lies within our unrealistic expectations for this time of year which lends to the increased frustration. Tom shares the answers he found Googling as well as some of his own. Enjoy...
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Flux : Off Track
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Mob Rule At The Capitol and A Post-Mortem on Voters's Frustration

Eric Renderking Fisk / The Fedora Chronicles Network
Jason Cousineau and Eric Fisk discuss the frustrations behind the protests during the past year, leading to the riot at The Nation's Capitol...
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Anger and frustration at being typecast drives the first theatrical work by multi-talented performer Ursula Yovich.
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Jaiya on Finding Your Path to Passion

hostservices@voiceamerica.com (VoiceAmerica)
Award-winning somatic sexologist, bestselling author, Jaiya talks about her work to end sexual frustration and fear of failure.
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