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Eric Johnson is the guitar player ’s guitar player. His Platinum certified album, Ah Via Musicom, contains his Grammy award winner,...
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...official indoor schedule of the 2016 edition of the Montreal Jazz Festival. The post @JoeJacksonMusic guitar player @TeddyKumpel pedalboard demo appeared first on The Guitar Channel.
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Charlie Hunter: 7-string guitar player

pjournel@gmail.com (Pierre Journel)
...Channel is very happy to present you with an interview with Charlie Hunter, a 7-string guitar player . This Guitar in Hand interview took place during the 2016 Montreal Jazz Festival before...
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Teddy Kumpel: guitar player for Joe Jackson

pjournel@gmail.com (Pierre Journel)
...NAMM show through Julie Cord from Blue Mouth Promotions (thanks Julie!). The post Teddy Kumpel: guitar player for Joe Jackson appeared first on The Guitar Channel.
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...with Juha) I decided I wanted to hear more. The post Antti Paranko – Brilliant guitar player from Finland appeared first on The Guitar Channel.
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...instrument. On today’s episode of Prisoners of Rock and Roll, we’re each sharing our top 6 guitar player s of all time. We’re going to defend our picks, talk about what makes these...
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John was the first Certified Guitar Player Chet Atkins appointed. John’s written songs for and recorded with Chet, Jerry Reed, Lenny Breau,...
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...in Paris for a concert, a perfect opportunity to record this video interview with their guitar player Peter Holmström. The post Peter Holmström interview, The Dandy Warhols guitar player appeared first on...
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...you with an interview I did a while ago with Mitch Laddie (www.mitchladdie.com), an excellent guitar player and singer. He has some strong influences from SRV, Hendrix and Eric Johnson but he...
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Philip Sayce is a guitar player who already had a very rich career in the music business. He's is really making...
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...music that reveals very different facets of the musician. The post Nils Lofgren interview (@NilsLofgren): guitar player & songwriter appeared first on The Guitar Channel.
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