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Ross and Carrie connect with Britt Hermes about her journey from practicing naturopath, to naturopathy critic. With blunt honesty, Britt shares her...
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Meg Elison | Endor House

John Joseph Adams
Meet Hermes Maleficarum, the reclusive force behind the multiverse’s biggest publishing house. A mystery generations in the...
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Flux : Crimetown
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Drone Zone from Jun 3, 2019

Andy Ortmann and WFMU
..."Die Bettpfanne des Kleinen Fritz" - Die Truhe im Fluss Michael Prime - "Mouth of Hermes" - Fructification RLW - "Cellule Imaginaire" - Contours Organum - "Lule" - Wolf Lena Platanos...
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Brody Stevens - False Chart

Earwolf and Howard Kremer
Flux : Who Charted?
...look at The iTunes UK Chart, the Weekend Box Office Chart, and a return of Hermes the Chart Goose!
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...find out. Songs in this Episode: Intro - Prophecy3:22 - History of the Band10:14 - Hermes Bird21:54 - Problem26:24 - Gramarye33:20 - FairOutro - Goodbye Little World Follow on Twitter / Facebook Request A...
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