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Episode 35: Watson & Holmes

The Baker Street Babes
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...Watson’s suppressed memories of the Shadows and reintroduces him to Holmes s double life. Together Holmes and Watson must find Alice Telfair, a witch whose shocking powers are obtained through blood magic, the...
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...ladies who, like many other Holmes fans, have written fan fiction about various incarnations of Holmes and Watson . We want to know all sorts of things from them! What drives a person...
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...Alistair Duncan at St. Bartholomew's Pathology Musuem on 27/06/2012   The famous meeting place of Holmes and Watson , St. Batholomews Hospital is surprisingly rarely featured in adaptations of the stories. Why is...
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Episode 38: Free Sherlock

The Baker Street Babes
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Episode 63: Robert Doherty

The Baker Street Babes
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...Wizard Of Oz. Sunna has also written music for blockbusters including The Lego Ninjago Movie, Holmes and Watson , Nightcrawler, and Robin Hood and the iconic Prometheus. Originally from the Netherlands and now...
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...and the UK were the Batman and Robin of the Atlantic Alliance. Or was it the Holmes and Watson ? The Lucy and Ethel? Well, whatever we were, we aren't that any more. It looks like Great...
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Episode 32: Elementary

The Baker Street Babes
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Episode 25: Steampunk Holmes

The Baker Street Babes
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