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The HoloLens

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Flux : Fw:Thinking
Will Microsoft's new augmented reality goggles change computing forever? We look at the HoloLens and why people are so excited about it. Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.com
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...on and someone built a life size Super Mario Bros augmented reality game using the Hololens. Check out the reviews mentioned in this episode: ARMS and Shadow of Mordor. Thanks for...
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...Talos Principle, and more. Over in the news they try to figure out what Microsoft’s Hololens is, The Elder Scrolls Online is dropping monthly its subscription model, and Saints Row IV:...
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Flux : The WAN Show
...video 16:33 Cosmetics in games 26:57 2019 Mobile World Congress 27:20 Huawei Mate X 30:30 HoloLens 32:45 LG's dual screen phone 33:40 Energizer phone 37:20 Sponsor: Madrinas Coffee 38:58 Sponsor: Corsair...
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...(via Gary Bernhardt) Bad Assumptions Horace Dediu (Asymco) quote Macalope Sega VR Post-show: Microsoft today HoloLens Kinect Maya Rocket Oculus John's sad TV news John's TV Destiny HUD HUD Issues Full...
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Flux : The WAN Show
...HP issues recall 00:41:16 - Nintendo UK publishes some solid Switch information 00:45:55 - Microsoft HoloLens: firm admits sales figures are in the 'thousands' 00:47:22 - First UHD Blu-Ray drive for...
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Flux : The WAN Show
...and intro 00:12:00 - AMD releases architectural details on Zen 00:14:52 - What's inside Microsoft's Hololens and how it works 00:25:25 - PCI Express 4.0 brings 16 GT/s and at least...
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Flux : The WAN Show
...- Washington state gambling commission orders valve to stop skin gambling via Steam 00:37:45 - HoloLens 00:42:09 - Sponsor: Squarespace 00:44:23 - Sponsor: Dollar Shave Club 00:46:44 - Microsoft discontinues the...
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Les Godes de Boyhood VS Pikachu au Vietnam

fmicast@icloud.com (Fab&Milou Info le podCast)
Flux : FMICast
...Sinon dans ce 22ème numéro: les news: -un résumé vite fait du CES 2015 -les hololens de microsoft -les classements torrents de 2014 -les Golden Globes de Boyhood -les annonces Marvel...
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Flux : Café Klatch
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Flux : Tech Café
Vous saurez tout des tendances sur le Mobile World Congress, des smartphones pliants à HoloLens 2, en passant par la 5G et les mails du salon. Réagissez à l’émission en...
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Flux : Nicko Vibe
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Le principe de la réalité augmentée et HoloLens, le casque holographique de Microsoft ont été les sujets abordés par Frédéric Simottel, dans sa...
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Niptech 302 – Internet of Risks

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...future at Google is at risk Tendance Apple-iCar-Entwicklung in geheimem Autolabor in Berlin I tried HoloLens, and one thing is clear: nobody is ready for mixed reality Soundcloud is launching a...
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