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CAS 507 | Stud(io)

MdC Suingue and Kika Serra
...countries, the Caipirinha Appreciation Society podcast is able to resume live broadcasts from Contrabanda FM's studios. Kika had to sit this one out for reasons beyond her control, but MdC Suingue...
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Flux : TechStuff
What’s new with iOS 5? What is Siri? Why is it a good idea to wait a few days...
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Flux : TechStuff
...to their episode on the iPhone 4, Jonathan and Chris tackle a related topic: the iOS 4, the mobile operating system that runs on the newest version of the iPhone and...
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Flux : La Cartouche
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Flux : Sci-Fi Malady
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Flux : Cinéma toc
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Special early WWDC episode this week: Reactions to the keynote. New Mac Pro Initial iOS 7 design impressions. Sponsored by: Backblaze: Easy, unlimited online backup for just $5 per month....
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...in 2013 The bad old days of Game Boys, lead-acid "portable" computers, and mouse-pointer trails iOS' refusal to let you pick default browser, email client, calendar app, etc. Mini-web-browsers inside of...
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Episode 148: Foodshed.io

info@HeritageRadioNetwork.org (Heritage Radio Network)
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Flux : John Me
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..."Designed by Apple in California". "Jobs" (Ashton Kutcher) trailer. Why developers should (or shouldn't) require iOS 7 this fall. "The Transporter" series. iOS 7 Calendar app UI. Cool-looking vs. well-designed. Our...
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