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James Armstrong was born in Los Angeles. Armstrong’s mother was a blues singer and his father played...
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...to find out what this remarkable musician has been up to since our last visit. James Armstrong was last here for a special Silent Auction Show with John Nemeth.  Prior to that...
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...and also select two guests to have on the show that evening. Don’s choices are James Armstrong and John Nemeth.  Both are Couch Kids, so I was excited to bring them back....
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...Attitude and I will caht with the band about thier storied history and the music. James Armstrong originally Sat On The Couch back in 2012 and he returns with his new album,...
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Flux : Sci-Fi Talk
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...Box 2016) Omar & The Howlers –Always been a drifter - Zoltar's Walk – 2017 James Armstrong – Early Grave - Blues been good to me – 2017 Andrea Marr – Force...
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Nothing But The Blues #487

Nothing But The Blues
...Johnson and The Gas Blues Band (Should've Been Gone); J.B. Lenoir (What Have I Done); James Armstrong (Early Grave); Curtis Salgado and Alan Hager (So Near To Nowhere); Michael Jerome Browne (Frisco...
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