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Jeff Emtman is a 2012 SoundCloud Fellow

webmaster@kcrw.org (KCRW, Jeff Emtman)
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Growing up, Jeff Emtman had a hard time balancing his piety for the One God with his piety for...
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Season 7 Soon!

Jeff Emtman
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...Fox Centre), and Þorvaldur “Doddi” Björnsson (the taxidermist who preserved Tripod’s body). Producer: Megan Perra Editor: Jeff Emtman Music: The Black Spot, Serocell Images: Feral Five Creative Co / Megan Perra
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Jeff Emtman
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On a hot summer day in 2014, HBM host Jeff Emtman received a bit of amateur, backyard surgery from a fish biologist.   It was for...
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...a professor of philosophy at Vassar College and a visiting fellow at Duke University’s Story Lab. Jeff Emtman edited this episode with help from Bethany Denton. Music: The Black Spot | | | Serocell | | | Phantom...
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...Rumble Strip.  Rumble Strip is great, listen to it.  It’s part of The Heard.   Jeff Emtman re-edited this piece with help from Bethany Denton and Nick White. Music: Swamp Dog, The...
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...Denton was invited to come along and record the night’s activity. Producer: Bethany Denton Editor: Jeff Emtman Music: Phantom Fauna, The Black Spot
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...been changed. This episode was written and produced by Bethany Denton, and was edited by Jeff Emtman . Nick White is HBM’s editor at KCRW. Music:  Nym, Half Ghost, Lucky Dragons  Review us...
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There are about 10,000 files in the Here Be Monsters sound library.   HBM producer Jeff Emtman has been recording, synthesizing and downloading them since way back before this show started.  And...
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...Evan Leave America.  You can follow them on YouTube and Facebook. Music: The Black Spot Jeff Emtman produced this episode with help from Bethany Denton and Nick White. 
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Feeling anxiety about the American presidential election, HBM host Jeff Emtman took a trip to a place he hoped to be insulated from politics: PestWorld 2016,...
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...of these volunteers to prep the museum’s collection.   In this episode, Here Be Monsters producer Jeff Emtman smells the beetle tank, listens to them eat an owl skull, and holds a real...
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