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Join us this Friday for as we peer into the music of Mississippi John Hurt , performed by contemporary artists with some bits and pieces of his own music. We’ll...
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Sonja and Claytox chat the late, great John Hurt . Star of Sci Fi, horror, dystopias and Fantasy. He is missed. Linking from Hurt,...
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Today’s show features music performed by Mississippi John Hurt
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...Blues Band, Stephen Dale Petit, Mark Harold, Southside Johnny, Van Morrison, Koko Taylor and Mississippi John Hurt
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Nothing But The Blues #246

Nothing But The Blues
...Jackson (All Alone); Champion Jack Dupree (All Alone Blues); Bernie Pearl (I Ain't Hurt); Mississippi John Hurt (Richland Woman Blues); Mike Zito and The Wheel (Gone To Texas); Christopher Paul Stelling (Who...
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Nothing But The Blues #47

Nothing But The Blues
...Horton (Find Another Fool); Big Joe Williams (Vitamin A); Kokomo Arnold (Biscuit Roller Blues); Mississippi John Hurt (Frankie); Willie Harris (Never Drive A Stranger From Your Door); Popa Chubby (Healing In Her...
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The BluzNdaBlood Show #78, Bruce's Blues!

bluzndablood@cox.net (BluzNdaBlood)
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Doctor Numbering, McGann vs Hurt and ranting

Doctor Who: The Coal Hill A/V Club
John Hurt had one episode. Paul McGann had one episode. Once we count, one we don't? We...
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Nothing But The Blues #623

Nothing But The Blues
...Mojo Working); Dave Mundy and Callum Latta (Make Me A Pallet On Your Floor); Mississippi John Hurt (Candy Man Blues); Crooked Eye Tommy (Death Letter Blues); R.L. Burnside (Goin' Down South); Janky...
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Big Band Serenade Episode 14...Mississippi Blues & Jazz

Big Band Serenade Episode 14...Mississippi Blues & Jazz
Big Band Serenade pays tribute to Mississippi Blues & Jazz from 1928-1940. Ruben Lacey, Mississippi John Hurt (cover photo), Frankie Trumbauer,Charlie Patton, Mississippi Mud Steppers,Mississippi Bracy, Jimmie Rodgers,Delmore Brothers, Bukka White and...
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...Koko Taylor, Jackson C Frank, The Mighty Hannibal, The Grateful Dead, Jimmy Preacher Ellis, Mississippi John Hurt , Khruangbin & The Kinks. Email the show: radio@theblueskitchen.com Follow on Twitter: @theblueskitchen Watch on...
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...The Who, Rolling Stones, The Band, Milli Vanilli, Link Ray, Robert Johnson, Kokomo Arnold, Mississippi John Hurt , Big Joe Turner, Sharon Jones, Billie Forrester, Carl Perkins, Tampa Red, Bill Haley, Johnny...
Medium d1f6bab177d13aa3c84df21bc16abcb0a6b2f096
...tunes from Detroit City Limits, Desert Mountain Tribe, Dusty Springfield, Marva Whitney, The Zombies, Mississippi John Hurt , Dale Watson and The Doors. Email the show on info@theblueskitchen.com and follow on Twitter...
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