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Marvel editor Jordan D. White returns to the show to chat about all things X-Men, from House of X to...
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Jordan D. White (Editor, “Deadpool,” “Guardians of the Galaxy”) returns to the show to tease his upcoming books...
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In which we welcome Marvel editor Jordan D. White to the podcast to talk about the current state of the X-Universe! X-PLAINED: The cosmic...
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Marvel Editors Roundtable

Comic Book Commentary
Executive editor Tom Brevoort; Senior Editor Nick Lowe; editors Jordan D. White , Ellie Pyle, Janeane Schaefer, Sana Anamat, and Jake Thomas; and assistant editors Xander Jarowey,...
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Flux : UKE BOX
...Beatles — Maxwell’s Silver Hammer by Tony Clifton 12. NOFX — Murder the Government by Jordan D. White Source YouTube UKE BOX is the all ukulele radio show on Trent Radio 92.7FM in...
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Flux : UKE BOX
...15. Star Wars Theme by Jan Neilsen 16. Weird Al – Yoda (ukulele cover) by Jordan D. White 17. Star Wars Theme by Kyle Haak 18. Star Wars Main Theme with Imperial March...
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Longtown Sound 1702 Weekend!

uncleshag@gmail.com (Uncleshag)
Flux : WLSO.FM
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webmaster@kcrw.org (KCRW)
Flux : Film Reviews
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L'Antenne d'été

BeaubFM > 89 !!!
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BIG ENCHILADA 132: The Jury is In!

stephenwterrell@gmail.com (Stephen W. Terrell)
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