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...même le titre d'un des ses derniers disques, « J’aime pas la chanson » - JULIETTE
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Juliette Gordon Low

shmannerscast@gmail.com (Travis McElroy)
Flux : Shmanners
Hello Internet! This week is all about JULIETTE GORDON LOW, creator of the Girl Scouts. Enjoy and be sure to enjoy and tell...
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Hommage à Juliette Gréco

...très mal élevé. On meurt en coulisse, mais on ne meurt pas en scène", disait Juliette Gréco. Celle qui n'avait pas peur de la mort s'est éteinte le 23 septembre 2020...
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Juliette Lewis spent much of her life facing her fears. She was a natural introvert who...
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Since uploading her first video to YouTube, Juliette Jade (formerly Valduriez) has attracted a huge supporter base online – with 100’000 subscribers and...
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Ep. 57: Romeo et Juliette

Metropolitan Opera Guild
With the Met's new production of Romeo et Juliette coming to theaters around the world this Saturday, January 21st, seasoned stage director Jay Lesenger...
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...to James Purefoy about Noel Edmunds, Mr. Blobby and Season 2 of The Following, while Juliette Lewis talks the time to talk August: Osage County and, um, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.
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Flux : StarShipSofa
...Fiction History by Amy H. Sturgis 01:01:36 Main Fiction: Let The Word Take Me by Juliette Wade 01:15:05 Closing Remarks: Next Week by Tony C. Smith 02:07:33 Narrators: Julie Davis Paul...
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...to a podcast all about terrible chat-up lines (whilst rutting.)   We're joined by comedian Juliette Burton this week to talk about the worst wooing imaginable: why Casanova is more than...
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Flux : Encore!
...spanning more than seven decades. Tributes are being paid to the actress and singing icon Juliette Gréco, who has died aged 93. Music critic Marjorie Hache tells us about her legacy....
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Juliette Kayyem on terrorism & social media; Facebook's Libra; and Elon Musk and his Neuralink mind-control...
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...invités : Sophie Forte, Aurore Tillac, Marie-Pierre PLANCHON, Paloma Pradel, Marjane Satrapi, Philippe Jaroussky - JULIETTE Sophie FORTE Aurore TILLAC Marie-Pierre PLANCHON Paloma PRADEL Marjane SATRAPI Philippe JAROUSSKY - réalisé par...
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Philippe Jaroussky

...- (redif du 24/09/17) - invités : Matthieu Chedid, Gaël Darchen, Christian Pierre La Marca, Juliette Journaux, Philippe Jaroussky - Matthieu CHEDID Gaël DARCHEN Christian Pierre LA MARCA Juliette JOURNAUX Philippe...
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