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231 Essential MCU Films

Planet Broadcasting
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283 The Future Of The MCU

Planet Broadcasting
...Tarantino’s Star Trek still moving forward, Indiana Jones 5 news and the FUTURE of the MCU based of theories from you. That’s right you. Does anyone read this? Am I wasting...
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...or bomb 23:33 More X-Men films 24:26 Captain Marvel 29:46 Avengers date change 36:06 The MCU Multiverse 39:06 Wonder Woman 2 40:33 Shazam 44:24 Star Wars Rebels spoilers 52:23 Red Sparrow...
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...with The Mandalorian, The Rise Of Skywalker and Kenobi. Also Spider-Man is out of the MCU or whatever and The Matrix 4 and Uncharted and Breaking Bad movie and more. Thanks...
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WOW PODCAST. This week we talk the passing of two legends, we get into more MCU delays including some complications around the filming of Deadpool 3, the future of the John...
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The Dubs #273 - The Marvel Cinematic Universe (The Villain Rankings in the MCU)

The Dub Dee Dub Revue (Stacey Nyman, Peter Pontecorvo, Michael Black and Chris Malek)
...Dubs" #273 - Tim VanSwol and Scott Ferraioli help Chris rank the Villains in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe)!  I'm betting you haven't heard a ranking show like this one before! ...
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...Candyman (currently in theaters. We also discuss the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer and mounting MCU fatigue! Timestamps Show Start - 00:28 Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer - 12:19 CODA (2021)...
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...- Good Boys (Non-Spoiler), The Matrix 4 News, and Sony v Disney: Spider-Man and the MCU (Featuring: Kyrsten Lyster)   Apple Podcasts Google Podcasts Stitcher Direct Download Link In this week’s...
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...in his solo movie? — it prompted us to do just that. So our resident MCU experts, Helen O'Hara and Chris Hewitt, got together and ended up going through the trailer...
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Covering all three "Guardians" movies in the MCU. Enjoy!
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Covering the MCU TV series, "What If...?" this week on the podcast.
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...The Last Knight and it’s no good. We get into that as well as a MCU exclusive (maybe?), Venom in the MCU, Fantastic Four getting a reboot, Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom,...
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...Black Widow movie just around the corner it's time to talk the costumes of the MCU's Black Widow.
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Robert Winfree, Alexis Hejna, David Wright, and Andrew Graham get together to discuss the latest MCU offering on Disney+, Loki.
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