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Flux : Sci-Fi Talk
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Flux : Woman's Hour
Zelda la Grange was Nelson Mandela’s PA. She was with him for nearly 20 years and became indispensable to him, so...
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In connection with the 100th birthday anniversary of Nelson Mandela, our volunteers prepared a special edition of the podcast as a tribute to this great man....
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Flux : Untangle
Siyabulela Mandela is a scholar-activist and Nelson Mandela’s great-grandson. He speaks to us from South Sudan, where...
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Flux : Encore!
Nelson Mandela's "long walk to freedom" has now been translated into musical theatre. French production "Madiba" revisits...
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Flux : Encore!
...Labaki's child salvation drama "Capernaum," the Neil Armstrong biopic "First Man" and "The State Against Mandela and the Others".
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...40 minutes talking about their new drama as well as their careers in general, Nelson Mandela's house and their favourite Beatles albums.
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Madela Effect!

Radio Ronin
...join us today as we talk about one of the most mind-blowing subjects ever: The Mandela Effect! But First! Lara is losing her mind! So carpe diem on horseback! And we...
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Episode 86: Peter Mehlman

info@HeritageRadioNetwork.org (Heritage Radio Network)
Peter Mehlman, former writer for Seinfeld and author of Mandela Was Late, is the guest on this week’s episode of The Mike & Judy Show....
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Talkin' Beans W/Flying Raccoon Suit

Talk The Ska Radio Podcast
Flux : Talk The Ska
...Suit with us this week. We talk their upcoming album Afterglow, beans, Mario, beans, the Mandela Effect, beans, and much, much more! Oh, did I mention beans? There's loads of that!...
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MC 65- Synchronicity

Eric Renderking Fisk / The Fedora Chronicles Network
...Synchronicity � specific events that are "meaningful coincidences." Then Walt and Eric talk about The Mandela Effect, a phenomenon when many people insist they remember history happening differently, and what might...
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...podcast the guys sit down with Justin Swindle and talk about driving a Tesla, the Mandela Effect, Bigfoot, Astrology, how Justin’s service in the Air Force led to his career as...
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Sneaky Dragon Episode 307

Ian Boothby and David Dedrick
Flux : Sneaky Dragon
...going to use bullet points for our show summary: pipes; cans; sewage; life; old-age; grandpas; mandelas; dicks; gloom; wetness; lethargy; chickens; perfection; dementia; rainwater; techlers; wrassling; remorse; monsters; weirdo; reality;  bad...
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...about everything from Robby being a vegan and tattooing himself to Ian's research of the Mandela Effect and holding down the entire rhythm section for their band. "John's Journal" returns where...
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Feb. 7-13: Nelson Mandela busts loose, Robert De Niro never learned to read, Galentine’s Day begins, Dan Aykroyd’s a...
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