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Flux : Who Charted?
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He rocked a stadium playing Hendrix songs with Hendrix's former bandmates, Mitch Mitchell and Noel Redding. He has worked with Stevie Wonder, Steve Winwood, Whitney Houston, Busta Rhymes,...
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Flux : Human's Show.
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...decades. Find out what ties each set of Birthday Twins has, if any at all. Mitch Mitchell and Bon Scott share the same date of birth and made their marks in the...
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Andy Aledort

Craig Garber
...Guitar World and other publications, and toured and recorded with original Jimi Hendrix band mates Mitch Mitchell and Buddy Miles, and SRV’s Double Trouble. He was a member of Dickey Betts and...
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Rock n Rolodex - Ep178

DBG Productions
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...the live Band of Gypsys album, and, lastly, The Cry of Love Tour trio with Mitch Mitchell back on drums. Cox continues to perform dates with the Band of Gypsys Experience and...
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Episode 44 - Threesomes

Decibel Geek Podcast
...perfectly complimented by the solid bass playing of Noel Redding and the ferocious drumming of Mitch Mitchell . Aaron's choice of song is immediately recognizable but that does nothing to short-change its...
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Flux : Open jazz
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