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In episode 87 Martin talks about The Mod Revival in these five songs: 1. The Who – “The Dirty Jobs”  2. The Jam –...
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Join us for our first Punks in Parkas Spotlight episode on the Mod revival artist, Eleanor Rigby!
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...a mix bag tonight as Penny Lane brings you some great soul, two tone, and mod revival tracks! Hear tunes from the likes of The Specials, the Pretty Things, The Zombies and...
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Captain Dan and Penny Lane bring you a great mix of punk, new wave and mod revival tonight on Punks in Parkas! Hear tracks from the likes of The Cure, The Jam,...
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...been all about this band — infectious Stiff Little Fingers jams with a touch of mod revival and dare I say early One Man Army. The last LP was a bit polished,...
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...of Jake's Inferno British Way Of Life Chords On Target (20 Direct Hits From The Mod Revival ) G Turns to D Sloan One Chord to Another Six String Belief Son Volt...
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