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Doctor Who: Podshock - 96

Gallifreyan Embassy
...- Episode 96 For the Week of the 17th of September 2007. Running Time: 0:28:45 Patrick Troughton Speaks (1986). Special flashback episode to 1986 with Patrick Troughton. Hosted by Louis Trapani. Brought...
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...about the long running show from Gerri and Eugenia. This time they talk about the Patrick Troughton era, Doctor Number Two and talk to Frazer Hines who played the kilt wearing companion...
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299 - Doctor Who: Podshock

Art Trap Productions
Doctor Who: Podshock - Episode 299 Running time: 1:30:46 Celebrate Patrick Troughton 's birthday with this episode of Doctor Who: Podshock! The once missing Doctor Who story,...
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Ep 85 - The Underwater Menace

Doctor Who: The Coal Hill A/V Club
...of candy cigarettes, and - oh, yes - Clay and Andy discussing the infamously terrible Patrick Troughton story that blew up Atlantis again for the first time, "The Underwater Menace." EXCEPT... is...
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...Show Notes here. It's the second episode in our Classic Who series, which means we're talking about Patrick Troughton , the Second Doctor!  After taking recommendations and then polling the Anomaly Facebook Group, we settled...
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Doctor Who: Podshock - 97

Gallifreyan Embassy
...Episode 97 For the Week of the 24th of September 2007. Running Time: 1:09:08 The Patrick Troughton Years. Live show with regular contributors, Joe "Omega" and Dave Cooper with live listener feedback....
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Doctor Who: Podshock - 155

Gallifreyan Embassy
Doctor Who: Podshock - Episode 155 Running Time: 1:32:48 Review of the first Patrick Troughton story, Power of the Daleks, news, Mike Doran joins us for a Who Party 14...
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298 - Doctor Who: Podshock

Art Trap Productions
...Running time: 1:40:10 The once missing Doctor Who story, 'The Enemy of the World' starring Patrick Troughton is reviewed, plus news and more. Hosted by Louis Trapani and Dave Cooper. Presented to...
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283 - Doctor Who: Podshock

Art Trap Productions
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337 - Doctor Who: Podshock

Art Trap Productions
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262 - Doctor Who: Podshock

Louis Trapani, Ken Deep, James Naughton
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Flux : Gallifrance
...saison 4. Nous y retrouvons Ben et Polly ainsi qu’un Docteur fraichement régénéré interprété par Patrick Troughton . Le TARDIS se matérialise sur la planète Vulcan ou des scientifique étudie une capsule...
Flux : Gallifrance
Patrick Troughton , le Deuxième Docteur, est la dernière incarnation de notre Seigneur du Temps préféré à obtenir...
Flux : Gallifrance
...Who dans un épisode écrit par Mark Gatiss! Il est apparu dans le rôle de Patrick Troughton dans le film An Adventure in Space and Time écrit par Mark … Lire la...
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