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PAUL REED SMITH plugs in! Presented by BLUE MICROPHONES, the legendary guitar builder grabs one of his Experience...
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...Eightlock the album is called “Lions Roaring in Quicksand”. Please welcome back to GRS Mr. Paul Reed Smith
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...march up to the PRS Guitars booth to have an interview with none other than Paul Reed Smith himself. This was all orchestrated by my friend Ryan Burke from the now infamous YouTube...
Medium f8599ab8e281493a7167abac185e8e85aad5ae8b
Paul Reed Smith Joins us to discuss guitars and the 30th Anniversary of PRS
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100th Episode Featuring- Johnny Hiland, Paul Reed Smith , JD Simo, Greg Koch, Scott Henderson, Sonny Landreth, Greg Martin, Gary Hoey, Eric Gales...
Medium 2a1f68d11c681915ba875271bf7bc06d16377579
...endorsement deal at the indie level? In this episode, Kevin interviews Brian Ewald about with Paul Reed Smith Guitars endorsement and all his various endeavors that keep a full time musician.
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...Band); Reverend Gary Davis (There's A Table Sittin' In Heaven); Jenny Bohman (If I'm Blue); Paul Reed Smith Eightlock (I'm Ready); Foghat (Mean Woman Blues); Little Junior Parker (Mystery Train); Benny Turner (It's...
Medium 22c16670a23d19b645bae6d904572e2380f6f4de
...Jones Bass AG-10010:00 – FX Loop Instruction13:00 – Using Your Ears Not Your Wallet14:25 – Paul Reed Smith ’s Guitar Find us at: http://www.WamplerPedals.comhttp://www.Facebook.com/WamplerPedalshttp://www.Twitter.com/WamplerPedalshttp://www.Instagram.com/WamplerPedalshttp://www.Facebook.com/ChasingTonePodcasthttp://www.Instagram.com/ChasingTonePodcast Support the Show.
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...guitarist who has already topped Billboard's Smooth Jazz chart five times, plugs in his favorite Paul Reed Smith , jams with me, and reflects on his evolution as a musician. He also talks...
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...jazz to death metal to his hypnotic new instrumental album, Verlorener, EMIL WERSTLER and his Paul Reed Smith guitars deliver a vast (and very impressive) array of guitar tones, techniques, and styles. In...
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Episode 302 - PRS Paul's Guitar

Ed Peterson and John Kieltyka
Flux : The High Gain
Paul Reed Smith , the man, has been creating the highest quality guitars ever since he made one...
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...an inspiring backstage guitar hang with the Irish 6-string virtuoso, who plugs in his custom Paul Reed Smith and demonstrates for you many of the captivating guitar approaches he employs each night on...
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Flux : Guitar Nerds
...Reverend Guitars, Faith Guitars & Ernie Ball. Check out the PRS LIVE EVENT! From August 10th-13th Paul Reed Smith and Maryland Hall are hosting a Live Virtual Music School! This week on The Guitar...
Medium 7d7ae63d3dbf1a6eaddebcca82f6b19398648761
...particularly politics! Brian fantasises about calling a pedal the Brian Drive after reading the interview Paul Reed Smith gave in a guitar magazine recently. This leads into a funny yet illuminating discussion about...
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