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...the strange details of his last telephone conversation with this late friend and radio partner, R. Gary Patterson .
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...Richard also replays the last radio conversation he had with his late partner, rock historian R. Gary Patterson , who recounts his bizarre pilgrimage to The Crossroads in search of a souvinir.  It...
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...younger sister, Anne, beginning in 1966.  He is the author of I Remember Jim Morrison. R. Gary Patterson was known as the Fox Mulder of Rock.  He was a noted Rock historian and...
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Paul is Dead

Westwood One
...place in a slightly altered version of reality. He plays an exaggerated version of himself.  R. Gary Patterson was known as 'the Fox Mulder of Rock.'  HIs book, The Walrus Was Paul: The...
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...plane wreck and the bodies of Holly, who was sitting in the front seat? GUESTS: R. Gary Patterson was a Rock 'n Roll Investigator, and Richard's close friend and partner.  He wrote several...
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...Beatles themselves)! And that's why noted rock historian, author, and Beatles expert, the late, great R. Gary Patterson joins TIJ (in what was probably his last interview) to kick off Beatles week in...
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