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Nathan Rabin is head writer for The AV Club and author of The Big Rewind: A Memoir...
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Dani Rabin Interview

A Podcast Dedicated to Sharpening Your Skills as a Guitar Player
...Lick of the Episode and our exclusive interview with the talented, charming and brilliant Dani Rabin. This was one of our favorites to do! Huge shout out to Dani and Marbin...
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Dr. David Rabin

Pete Holmes
Dr. David Rabin (neuroscientist! psychiatrist!) makes it weird!
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...Preston Frazier and Bill Govier This week Mark and I take a look at Trevor Rabin’s collection of demos and early versions entitled 90124. It’s a fascinating set of proto-yes music,...
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Amps & Axes - #225 - Dani Rabin

Jeff Bober & Mick Marcellino / Dani Rabin
...listen to the whole international story of the band Marbin as told by guitarist Dani Rabin. Enjoy!
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...Wayne Hall and Michel Arsenault. We look at the differences between Steve Howe and Trevor Rabin by listening to songs from Talk and Close to the Edge. Then we consider what...
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‘The Kid Stays in the Picture’ with Nathan Rabin

shows@maximumfun.org (Casey O'Brien, Maximum Fun, Drea Clark, Alonso Duralde, Nathan Rabin, Ify Nwadiwe)
Flux : Maximum Film!
...the film critic who spent a great deal of time in Robert Evans’ mansion, Nathan Rabin! Ify also speaks about growing up in Los Angeles with the looming monolith of Hollywood...
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...a deeply passionate following, and each of them has deeply, deeply passionate haters. When Nathan Rabin tried to write a critic's look at these bands' worlds, he found himself sucked in....
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...our ever-popular what did they do next series, we have reached the point where Trevor Rabin left the band after the Talk Tour in 1995. He went off to pursue his...
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...and Bill Govier From Doug Curran In part two of our exploration of what Trevor Rabin did next, this week Mark and I have been listening to his solo album, Can’t...
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Trevor Rabin's 1989 solo album Produced by Jeffrey Crecelius, Wayne Hall, Preston Frazier and Bill Govier With...
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Produced by Jeffrey Crecelius, Wayne Hall, Preston Frazier and Bill Govier Trevor in rock mode Rabin-esque blog: http://rabinesque.blogspot.com/ This is going to be a really long episode so maybe you should...
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This week Kevin shares some thoughts about Anderson, Rabin and Wakeman tackling Talk live. There is also a review of Talk by Mark and...
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On this Dani Rabin interview, his disappointment in the lack of passion of his teachers at Berklee... starting Marbin...
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