Medium 312dc8b6988b54467e777e775aa9c2db9445b906
...one of the stars screened it for his children as punishment when they had misbehaved... Red Sonja ! Also, Mikey B reviews Mom and Dad for Straight-to-Video Russian Roulette.  Our Beelzebub Tier Patreon Supporters are...
Medium 9402ebb80dd764a03bb6b99a34d7b46731570576
Writer Amy Chu walks you through issue #1 of Red Sonja & Vampirella Meet Betty & Veronica. Mystery, murder, and mayhem descends on Riverdale as four...
Medium 417a86baef9eb9a94a13759136000a904aa9aa39
Flux : W2M Network
...Hejna and Mark Radulich review the first 6 issues of the hit new team-up series, Red Sonja & Vampirella Meet Betty & Veronica!
Medium cfaba55ca0f497c74ebbb8629229aafb8e359288
Flux : Sci-Fi Talk
...Emmy Awards, Michael Keaton on Batgirl, Lord Of The Rings Rings Of Power,The Omen and Red Sonja reboots and more.
Medium 79103665abce50b23cafa18ada4f5b015de3ac46
...featuring reviews for: Batman/Superman #1, Marvel Comics #1000, Ascender #5, House of X #3, Vampirella/ Red Sonja #1, Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chosen Ones #1, Absolute Carnage #2, Archie 1955 #1 (on...
Medium 86a70b43806ad83db204feca4900eb16faf0b0df

34 – Mordenkainen’s Marvelous Mutants

34 – Mordenkainen’s Marvelous Mutants
...189-192 Anachronistic timeline markers Hounds The Culture Shock Class An Age Undreamed of Conan disambiguation Red Sonja vs. Red Sonya Kulan Gath Marvel Team-Up #79 Barbarian Avengers Why we love Captain America...
Medium 2cca17df93d829589edc5afb71f454923a3e232b
...#19, Something is Killing the Children #7, The Kill Lock #5, Bitter Root #8, Vampirella/ Red Sonja #8, Excellence #7, Lois Lane #11, Decorum #2 and Rick and Morty Go To Hell...
Medium f5013096e40057996a602ea7b573726325c04a8d
Flux : Maximum Film!
...film. And, as always, staff picks. In news, Jill Soloway replaces Bryan Singer on the  Red Sonja  remake, Lena Waithe calls out black movie financiers, and Danny Boyle is concerned about feeling like an...
Medium 2898d39d01b190bd8cf6c4f0a8473aeb5b0038cb

Urban farmers IRL, Julia Child, & Asian flavors

Urban farmers IRL, Julia Child, & Asian flavors
Medium b79d0f38fa1459f24db50bb319892474c253585c
...our recording of the ” Writing in Someone Else’s Universe” panel with Amy Chu ( Red Sonja , Poison Ivy, Sea Sirens), Charles Soule (Star Wars, Daredevil). Delilah S. Dawson (Star Wars:...
Medium 9ef568c8fd6e2060d42f39188b3464cab9c1f4c4
Medium 6c3eaa0ff2d66e6d8585282b9b5bbcb601cca81d

Sneaky Dragon Episode 443

Ian Boothby and David Dedrick
Flux : Sneaky Dragon
Medium 2cca17df93d829589edc5afb71f454923a3e232b
...Benjamin Dewey The Vain #3 Oni Press Written by Eliot Rahal Illustrated by Emily Pearson Red Sonja : The Price of Blood #1 Dynamite Written by Luke Lieberman Art by Walter Geovani...
Medium 80a81d646c0c27fed2b42e3a57e060c43fc6b7e5


William Domiano
Medium e3332e6a14e4c98af77b159357704a1381a1e592
Journey back to 22nd December 1978 when Spider-Man met Red Sonja ! Is it a Christmas Story? Who cares? Then, join Andy and Dr Bill Robinson...
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