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...albums, making those records, some wild tales of Bon Scott and his current gig with Rose Tattoo . It's our first video episode, enjoy, become a patron at Patreon.com/vinylguide and see it...
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...McDonald. Joel talks us through his early development, right through to his current gig with Rose Tattoo - opening for Guns and Roses on their 2017 reunion tour. Along the way there...
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...– and then America, 2020 is shaping up as a busy year for the mighty Rose Tattoo . Recently, we had the honor of having Angry Anderson return to the Australian Rock...
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As front man for the iconic Rose Tattoo , Angry Anderson needs no introduction. Angry joins us on episode 106 of the Australian...
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...episode 40 of The Australian Rock Show, we chat with Andy about his time in Rose Tattoo , his former outfit Judge Mercy - through to playing the big stadium stages with...
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Episode 31 - Tapes Alive

Australian Rock Show
...from our own personal archives. Tune in to hear rare live recordings from Stevie Wright, Rose Tattoo , Peter Wells, The Radiators, The Hitmen with Deniz Tek, X, The Bombers and Nick...
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...his memories of Malcolm Young, his recent stint in TMG, his present day activities with Rose Tattoo and much much more ! Join us for our 100th episode ! Play very loud....
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...in local outfit L.U.S.T. - before going on to do time with the Screaming Jets, Rose Tattoo , and Richie Ramone among others. Some time back, he joined forces with powerhouse songstress...
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Episode 1 - Introduction

Australian Rock Show
  The long-awaited debut episode from the Gray brothers ! Music by: Rose Tattoo , Z-28, The Angels, AC/DC.   www.australianrockshow.comfacebook.com/australianrockshowtwitter.com/ausrockshow
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...interview you won't wanna miss. Play loud ! Music by: Guns n Roses, Adler's Appetite, Rose Tattoo https://www.youtube.com/c/australianrockshow https://www.australianrockshow.com    
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...loud Sydney outfit Judge Mercy. Since then, he’s worked or recorded with many outfits including Rose Tattoo , Ian Moss, Peter Wells, Billy Thorpe, Richie Sambora and Orianthi, to name but a...
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...heavy metal this is an essential book for your collection ! Music by:Mortal Sin, Alchemist, Rose Tattoo , Buffalo www.australianrockshow.comfacebook.com/australianrockshowtwitter.com/ausrockshow
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...to bring you a guitarist who does the slide work for the institution known as Rose Tattoo , so make yourself a Vegemite sandwich, or pour a XXXX Gold and give a...
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...what they do best !Music by:Saints, Skyhooks, Cold Chisel, Rocks, Ted Mulry Gang, Johnny Kannis, Rose Tattoo , Teenage Radio Stars, Midnight Oil, AC/DC www.australianrockshow.comfacebook.com/australianrockshowtwitter.com/ausrockshow
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