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...take a slight detour from the usual. We've got guest speakers and an interesting topic: Sailor Moon ! We wanna hear from you! Let us know what you thought at Tech@FandomKnight.com.
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...Crew are thrilled beyond belief to welcome the US version of the classic anime/90s series SAILOR MOON into their hearts! We discuss crybaby characters, talking cats with attitude, theme songs that will...
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Many asked, some wondered. Bill, Punky, Shane, and Amanda discuss Sailor Moon . From how they got introduced to comparing the original anime series to the Crystal...
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... James examines the history of LGBT characters in Cartoon, and specifically highlights the importance of Sailor Moon in most Queer kids upbringing. Quizlet Korner has you covered from Major League Baseball to...
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Joel David Moore

ID10T with Chris Hardwick
...And, why it would be horrible to be "leading man" in the entertainment biz. Plus!  Sailor Moon -ism! Take a walk down memory lane to when this podcast was recorded the day...
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...he won the lottery. Also on this episode, we dissect the corny dialogue in the Sailor Moon anime, review our vacation to Nashville for the eclipse, and we play Recast 2.0 with...
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...see M&M's influence all over TV, including two former Donut shows - 3rd Rock & Sailor Moon ! The timeline confused us, but the egg jokes land. #NanuNanu
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...DangerMouse Lost Girl Season 5 will not air on SyFy until 2015 A movie for Sailor Moon lovers Evan’s Amazing Sailor Moon Video   Kickstarter(s) of the Week: Heavy metal versions of video...
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Episode 126: Kite Flying

Agony Aunt Studios
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...members Kat Chow and Gene Demby to discuss unexpected remakes. From Pokemon to the upcoming Sailor Moon and Boy Meets World reboots, the gang debate who is watching new versions of old...
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Flux : Gone Mental
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Flux : Sean Vs. Wild
...what she has planned for the future, and schools Sean on the lyrics to the Sailor Moon theme song. She also talks about her upcoming comic convention appearances and where you can...
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