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Sophia Rossi

Making It with Riki Lindhome
Riki talks to producer and Hello Giggles co-founder Sophia Rossi about the reality of The Hills, working with partners and feminism.
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Sophia Jurksztowicz

Sophia Jurksztowicz
Flux : Puck Soup
Greg and Dave welcome Sophia Jurksztowicz to the podcast to talk about Toronto hockey, Don Cherry, her loathing of 'A...
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Sophia Amoruso

Alexi Wasser
Flux : Love, Alexi
Sophia Amoruso joins Alexi this week to talk about #girlboss, Nasty Gal and The Bachelor! Learn...
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Sophia Loren

BBC Radio 4
Sophia Loren is the first performer to win the Best Actress Academy Award for a role...
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#273: Sophia Chang

#273: Sophia Chang
...we welcome music executive, marketing maven, artist manager, full-time mother and game-changer in the flesh, Sophia Chang to the Upper West Side! Sophia, whose audio memoir The Baddest Bitch in the...
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Rising young artist Sophia Chesworth joins Big Stu & MJ live in the studio to perform her music and...
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Ides of March - Sophia Kayafas

Lucas Fauble and Brady Lytton
Flux : Can You Cook?
...#1 Cooking Podcast. Hosted by @LucasTheChin & @bradylytton Follow Us: @CanYouCookCast Email Us: CanYouCookCast@gmail.com Follow Sophia: @skayafas
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Body Double with Sophia Takal

shows@maximumfun.org (MaximumFun.org)
Things get steamy as April talks to actress and director Sophia Takal about the somewhat problematic Brian De Palma erotic thriller, Body Double. The two discuss how...
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"The Horny Episode" ft. Sophia Benoit

"The Horny Episode" ft. Sophia Benoit
Flux : Lady to Lady
Sophia Benoit (@1followernodad) joins the ladies this week to talk about hot men in dresses and...
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52: Be Visible with Sophia Shoemaker

shows@spec.fm (Michael Chan)
Flux : React Podcast
...Single-parenting, Or illness to the mix And finding a satisfying career can feel impossible. Today, Sophia Shoemaker sits with us to discuss how she manages being a mom in tech, conference...
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Veggies Don't Bite with Sophia DeSantis

Veggies Don't Bite with Sophia DeSantis
On today's episode I am joined by Sophia DeSantis, the force behind the Veggies Don't Bite website, cookbook author, and self-proclaimed "Sauce Queen."...
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Guests Danielle Shaw, Local Government Affairs Manager of the Washington Environmental Council, and Sophia Ressler, Staff Attorney at Puget Soundkeeper Alliance, speak with Diane Horn about Nature's Scorecard.
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Sophia Duleep Singh's education was focused on turning her into a proper lady, in line with...
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Sophia Dorothea of Celle married her cousin, George I of Great Britain. Sophia had an affair...
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