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...bunch of robot snipers. Jilgamesh's Twitch Stream Jessica Conditt's reporting at Endadget Valve Employee Handbook Team Fortress 2 Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices
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930 Club: Live in DC!

930 Club: Live in DC!
...special guests who may be relevant to your nerd interests: John Patrick Lowrie ("Sniper" from Team Fortress 2 ) and his lovely wife Ellen McLain whom you Aperture Lab fans might know as...
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Ep. 30 - Electro-Lester the Unlikely

Ep. 30 - Electro-Lester the Unlikely
...(02:08) A Club Nintendo Makeover (10:45) Ralph Nader vs. Video Games (17:18) The deal with Team Fortress 2 and hats (23:42) Improv Zone: Two doting parents (Rogers, Cifaldi) support their nationally ranked teenage...
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...in the news Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is officially announced, Valve is working to fix Team Fortress 2 bot issue, and CD Projekt gives an update on the next The Witcher game.  This...
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EXP Podcast #133: Born Free-to-Play

EXP Podcast #133: Born Free-to-Play
...costs often feature non-traditional ways of making money.  Recently, a few high profile games like Team Fortress 2 and World of Warcraft have started experimenting with free-to-play and micro-transaction payment models.  They join...
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Supergirl Radio Season 3.5 - Amazing Strangers From The Planet Krypton

Supergirl Radio Season 3.5 - Amazing Strangers From The Planet Krypton
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SFTG77: Solo

H Shorter
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Ep. 257 - Building the Sandwich While You're Eating It, with Chris Plante

Ep. 257 - Building the Sandwich While You're Eating It, with Chris Plante
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Flux : Gaminfo.fr
...questionnable Pokémon Violet & Ecarlate ou encore carrément prendre les clés du camion de l’ancêtre Team Fortress 2 , les moddeurs nous régalent encore cette semaine. Parfois, c’est même tellement bien que ça...
Flux : Tuxicoman
...disponibles sous Linux (7/10): Dota 2 (linux) Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (linux) Grand Theft Auto V Team Fortress 2 (linux) Football Manager 2016 (linux) ARK: Survival Evolved (linux) Sid Meier’s Civilization V (linux) Total...
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