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Flux : Rock Solid
...Michelle Kath Sinclair to the show to discuss her labor of love documentary "Chicago: The Terry Kath Experience."
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Flux : Pantheon
...she has put together paying homage to her father, founding member and legendary Chicago guitarist Terry Kath . After discovering a box of Chicago memorabilia, Michelle began work on this documentary as...
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...MusiCast, were bringing you a very special guest whos producing a documentary about her father, Terry Kath the amazing guitarist and vocalist who spent a little over ten years with the band...
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...38 18:49:12 Chicago The Road (Steven Wilson Remix) 3:04 Chicago II (Steven Wilson Remix) 2017 Terry Kath 38 18:54:15 The Flower Kings I Am the Sun, Pt. 1 14:55 Space Revolver 2000...
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Flux : Rock Solid
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