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...and giddy complexity, of solving for X. Guests include comic book author Randall Munroe, polymath Terry Moore , percussionist Clayton Cameron and Mathematician Hannah Fry. (Original broadcast date: March 5, 2015)
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Preying Lizard Music's Road Rash Blues Show 133

Preying Lizard Music's Road Rash Blues Show
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Bluesmoose 1172

Blues Moose Radio
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...alone! Join me and Brett as we meet Tom Grummett, Karl Kesel, Mike Zeck, and Terry Moore . Plus, we get to talk with author Andrea Rose Washington, author and artist Javier...
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Echo by Terry Moore Browncoats: Redemption countdown. Chinese censors ban Time Travel TV, because it’s “made up”. George Takei’s...
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Spanish Rice

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