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#14 – Superman in DC Films

DC Podcasts - DCEU movies, TV, and comics
Massive news in the DC multiverse as, according to The Hollywood Reporter , Henry Cavill appears to be out in the role of Superman in the DC...
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Warner Bros. CEO accused of trading auditions for sex

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According to hundreds of text messages leaked to the Hollywood Reporter , Warner Bros. Chairman and CEO Kevin Tsujihara pushed for a young, unknown actress he...
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Flux : The Business
...writers fired their agents and time was up--or was it? Matt Belloni, editorial director of The Hollywood Reporter , and Lucas Shaw, entertainment reporter for Bloomberg, join Kim Masters to discuss top industry...
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...Batman: Hush, and The CW on Netflix. Possible group of villains for The Batman – The Hollywood Reporter According to THR, the casting of Batman is still an ongoing process – […]
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...the differences, benefits, and pitfalls of working digitally and analog. Moderated by Graeme McMillan ( The Hollywood Reporter ).
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The Year in Film and Television: 2015 Edition

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Flux : The Business
Kim Masters, Michael Schneider of TV Guide Magazine and Matthew Belloni of the Hollywood Reporter , join forces for a 2015 year-in-review. They take on the year of the woman...
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The Hollywood Reporter ’s (and Survivor super-fan) Josh Wigler joins the show to help preview the upcoming season...
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Catwoman and Riddler castings, DMZ, BizarroTV, and Crisis

DC Podcasts - DCEU movies, TV, and comics
...Crisis on Infinite Earths. Zoe Kravitz cast as Selina Kyle/Catwoman for The Batman – ( The Hollywood Reporter ) According to THR and Variety – Other finalists included Ana de Armas, Ella Balinska,...
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Batman, Birds of Prey, Arrow, and Crisis

DC Podcasts - DCEU movies, TV, and comics
...Earths” news. Jeffrey Wright in talks to play Commissioner Jim Gordon in The Batman – The Hollywood Reporter Known for Hunger Games […]
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Batman: Hush

DC Podcasts - DCEU movies, TV, and comics
...the animated Batman: Hush movie. Greg Fraser to be the cinematographer for The Batman – The Hollywood Reporter Fraser is known for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Zero Dark Thirty, and upcoming...
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#41 – The Flash, Shazam!, Batman, Krypton, and Titans

DC Podcasts - DCEU movies, TV, and comics
...more. Ezra Miller and Grant Morrison working on a script for The Flash movie – The Hollywood Reporter Miller and […]
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...from the week in DC. Joker Joker origin film officially moving forward at WB – The Hollywood Reporter Will be set outside the DCEU and under a new banner of DC films Joaquin...
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...Joe; Transformers; Blackhawks) and Ashley Miller (X-Men: First Class; Termintor reboot) sit down with Marc Bernardin ( The Hollywood Reporter ) and Heath Corson (Justice League: War) for a chat about their careers, writing branded...
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The Flash, Teen Titans, Netflix Sandman, Y, and more

DC Podcasts - DCEU movies, TV, and comics
...big news, a Sandman streaming series has been ordered by Netflix. The Flash movie – The Hollywood Reporter Writers/Directors John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein have voluntarily left the project WB passed on...
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#11 – Joker, Black Adam, Titans, and DC Universe launch

DC Podcasts - DCEU movies, TV, and comics
...of Joker movie? – Deadline Was cast in a role believed to be Thomas Wayne The Hollywood Reporter sources cited the role as “a cheesy […]
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