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Flux : Rock Solid
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Flux : Rock Solid
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For this second episode devoted to Ray Davies and the Kinks BJ delves deeper into the band's astonishing late sixties output, especially the essential The Kinks Are...
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Rock and/or Roll
In part one of a two part examination of the Kinks BJ explains the origins of the band and we begin to hear how the band...
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...a Sunny Afternoon of sounds that you will Love Till The Sun Shines! God Save The Kinks . www.cometothesunshine.com
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Flux : Rock Solid
...Guest Co-Host Mario Del Barrio go track by track through the 50th Anniversary Edition of The Kinks classic album "Arthur."
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Flux : Rock Solid
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Dave Davies discusses new music, his relationship with his brother, The Kinks , and more.
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Flux : Pantheon
...you add about a living legend? Tune in to find out as Dave Davies of The Kinks speaks to the Rock N Roll Archaeologist about his new album, ‘Decade’ out October 12th,...
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...Wait. You were expecting a joke? Covers of and by Kelly Jones & Stereophonics and The Kinks ! (75 minutes) Featuring Title Artist Length Artwork Album Original Artist Versions Buy The Boys...
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