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...is in the works, Is Fringe Season Four getting a reboot?, Eliza Dushku gets interactive, Transformers 3 Gets Early Opening at Imax, Transformers 3 will be the greatest 3d film ever, Harlan...
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...Miles reviews some of the top summer movies. Some of his picks are Captain America, Transformers 3 , Cars, and more. We want to know which ones you are looking forward to.
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...the book by answering our Smallville/Stargate Trivia. We also cover Shatner reading "The Raven", More Transformers 3 News, who will play Superman, Rendezvous with Rama, Dollhouse Comic news, and a StarWars music...
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...4: Sam Raimi & crew are off Spider-Man: the Julie Taymor/U2 musical Michael Bay: “ Transformers 3 will be about character” Green Lantern Casting TV Merlin S2 Dollhouse –2 Weeks left Chi...
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...Warehouse 13's renewal, Wonder Woman coming to the Small Screen, The Hobbit burning, news on Transformers 3 , The Superman Reboot, Monty Python turns 41, and the Superman/Batman Apocalypse DVD. In this...
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Flux : CarStuff
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