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Tribute: Aretha

Lava Lamp Lounge
...decades and 21 #1 hits, her reign as "Queen of Soul" will forever endure. Our tribute features cuts from her early years at Columbia, as well as the game changing classics...
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Toni Morrison Tribute

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Flux : Bookworm
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Dimebag Tribute show

Axeology Guitar Radio
This week Andy was out live at the 12th Annual Dimebag/Toys 4 Tots tribute concert. The plan was to grab interviews but due to a minor snafu I botched...
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On the third year of his passing, here is a tribute episode of the Seventh House, featuring the music of David Bowie. Originally recorded and presented...
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Guy Clark Tribute

Deeper Roots
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There's a new tribute album out, celebrating the music of country renaissance troubadour Roger Miller.  Produced by his son...
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...and Felice Bryant. We’ll spend time on all of them…and more…in a special two hour tribute to the brothers who may not have been able to get along but they got...
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The Power Pop Show
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What a top show The Prisoner was, and still is. This is a tribute to Patrick Mcgoohan Number 6(RIP) and contains a couple of northern soul tracks too. Be...
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Car Talk Tribute

Flux : CarStuff
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Tribute: Tom Petty

Lava Lamp Lounge
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