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...up our 2-part review of the Devils & Dust album with a look at the VH1 Storytellers program Bruce recorded, which aired in April 2005. The program was also commercially released...
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Flux : CarStuff
In 1989, VH1 decided to boost their ratings by hosting an unusual contest. The prize? Thirty-six vintage corvettes....
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...First Comedy Notebook, I’m Your Saviour and I Got The House, opening for Slayer, Californication, VH1’s That Metal Show and … Continued The post Episode #167: Jim Florentine (VH1’s That Metal...
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Metal Blade Records resident comedian, Don Jamieson, returns to the podcast to talk about VH1’s That Metal Show, Black Star Riders, Philomena Lynott & Thin Lizzy, Andrew “Dice” Clay, Dave...
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...and talk about one of the first bands we truly connected with. If you caught VH1's reality show Bands On The Run back in 2001, you may remember the crowned champions,...
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Madness by Madness

Living in Hi-Fi
Welcome to the 80s and songs about houses! It's the Living in Hi-Fi version of VH1 "Where are They Now?"
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Logan Browning

Today We Learned
Logan Browning from Playstation original series POWERS and VH1’s HIT THE FLOOR stops by to chat with Razzle and Guest Host David Sullivan about...
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Michelle Buteau

You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes
Michelle Buteau (Comedy Central! VH1! Last Comic Standing!) is a wonderful, wonderful weirdo and just a true delight! DARE I...
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Alison Becker

You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes
Alison Becker (Collegehumor BADMAD videos! VH1! Parks and Rec!) is a hilarious delight of a gal to gab with. She and...
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Emmy winning comedian and host of VH1's 'That Metal Show' Don Jamieson talks vinyl, record collecting, comedy, metal crowds, his new album...
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