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It won't wash

BBC Radio
Heard something unconvincing? Maybe it's time to get out the washing powder!
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Superstitious Car Wash

T.J. Miller, Cash Levy
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Washing Wet Chocolate

rob@ifthereishellbelow.com (If There Is Hell Below)
...rnb stuff, some sold gold shiny pop rock, some country and indie stuff. Tracklisting Jack Washburn 'Bathroom Mirror' Freakwat 'Runnin' Dummy 'Oops!' Corridor 'Domino' Vetiver 'Wanted, Never Asked' Wyldlife 'Neon Nightmare'...
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Flux : The Hustle
Martha Wash has one of the most recognizable voices in pop history. Well, maybe a better word...
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Washed Out - “Too Late," a 2020 single on Sub Pop. What started out as a...
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Episode 383: Washing Dishes

Molly Wizenberg and Matthew Amster-Burton
Flux : Spilled Milk
Today we are good, giving and game about dish washing. We discuss racks, loads and peeing statues as we provide more tips and tricks than...
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Washed Out - “Too Late," a 2020 single on Sub Pop. What started out as a...
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Flux : TechStuff
What makes washers tick? How have they evolved over time to become more energy efficient and conserve water?...
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Flux : The Gist
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Soap, water, and washing up

webmaster@kcrw.org (KCRW)
Flux : Good Food
Wash your hands” is a universal mantra now more than ever. One man meditatively uses soap...
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Ernest Greene of Washed Out discusses his love of the 80s – even though he was born in 1983...
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MBMBaM 510: Killer Car Wash

shows@mbmbam.com (Travis McElroy, Griffin McElroy, Justin McElroy)
...but in today’s episode, we debate, at length, the lethal capabilities of an automated car wash. Our conclusion: It’s probably not a great idea to walk into one of these things....
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Flux : Nerdette
...also talks about sneezes, vaccines and all the real heroes out there: people with good hygiene.  Wash your hands, people! Sheesh!
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BRB UK 382: Wash Your Hands!

dave@bigredbarrel.com (BigRedBarrel.com)
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