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Rebecca Watson

The JV Club with Janet Varney
Episode 142 welcomes “Skepchick” Rebecca Watson, who reminds us that every time it rains, it rains pennies from heaven. And speaking...
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Austin, Texas-based ameripolitan, honky-tonk country performer Dale Watson and his amazing band perform songs from their new record, "Call Me Insane", live on...
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Sidekicks: Watson

Eric Molinsky
...massive technological and social changes and the alleged death of his partner -- but Doctor Watson is forever loyal to Sherlock Holmes. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Guy Singh-Watson

BBC Radio 4
Guy Singh-Watson is an organic farmer and founder of Riverford, a major British supplier of organic vegetables...
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Episode 33 - Dale Watson

"Walking The Floor" with Chris Shiflett
This week Dale Watson, honky-tonk maverick, “Ameripolitan" singer/songwriter, strums tune and talks shop with Chris Shiflett.
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Flux : TechStuff
...years the scientists at IBM have been attempting to build the world's best question-answering supercomputer: Watson. But what exactly is Watson, and what makes it different from other supercomputers? Tune in...
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Interview with Tony Watson

Tony Watson, a multi-talented singer/songwriter is an accomplished musician playing a variety of instruments, both string and...
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Episode 35: Watson & Holmes

The Baker Street Babes
Babes Lyndsay, Curly, & Amy chat with two of the team behind racebent comic Watson & Holmes. WATSON & HOLMES is a modern urban take on the tales of “Sherlock...
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It's John Watson Appreciation Hour (and a half!). This episode is dedicated to John Watson, the steadfast soldier...
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Arthel Lane Watson, better known as "Doc," grew up on Osborne Mountain in Watauga County, NC. Doc lost...
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Doc Watson Defined Mountain Music

Blue Ridge Music Trails
Doc Watson’s signature baritone voice and unique lead bluegrass guitar licks became synonymous with traditional and bluegrass...
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We welcome Steve Watson to talk about the 10th anniversary of his indie magazine subscription service Stack and Marta...
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Flux : StarShipSofa
Aural Delights No 58 Ian Watson Editorial: Tony C Smith 01:40 Poem: Again The Night by G O Clark 07:40 Fact:...
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Recorded live at 221B Con, this panel was all about all the Watsons through ALL OF TIME! Well, as much as we could fit in just under an...
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Episode 112: Cider with Ben Watson (Heritage Radio Network)
...Linda Pelaccio is talking with “apple evangelist” and author of Cider, Hard and Sweet, Ben Watson. Where did the tradition of American cider originate? Hear about how grafting has caused the...
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