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The GAP Episode 403 – There’s Always a Bigger Fish (The GA Podcast)
...Battlegrounds, and more. Over in the news God Of War will be releasing in April, Xbox game pass expands to new titles from Microsoft, and reports that Anthem has been pushed out of...
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The GAP Episode 360 – Pop Shove It (The GA Podcast)
...Wars 2, Sniper Elite 4, Yooka-Laylee, and more. Over in the news Microsoft announces the Xbox game pass , Donnie Yen to star in a Sleeping Dogs film, and the Intel Extreme Masters...
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...Displate 32:10 - 64 core Ryzen Threadripper rumor 41:00 - Xbox Scarlet announcement 49:03 - Xbox Game Pass for PC 58:58 - LTX 2019 1:02:36 - Free Geek Vancouver 1:04:42 - Super Chats...
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XBoxOne Galore with Kevin Pereira!

The Indoor Kids with Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon
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...working on flexible glass Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home Thunderbolt 3 → USB4 Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass Apple vs. NVIDIA System Integrity Protection CUDA (not Cuda) End of configurable Macs? Gruber's $0.02...
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The GAP Episode 464 – Thicc Bois Buff (The GA Podcast)
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...sure to follow Beanduck Productions on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. This week in news: Xbox Game Pass announcement: how Microsoft is getting ready for life after consoles, Looking forward to Cyberpunk 2077...
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Episode 196: Everyone Gets An Xbox

Filthy Casuals with Tommy Dassalo, Ben Vernel and Adam Knox
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BRB UK 339: The Podcaster With No Name (
...those new PlayStation specs Microsoft finally reveals the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition and the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Dan is still trying to play Anthem and picks up Forza Street Tim has...
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BRB UK 277: By the Power of Stethoscope (
...there’s not a lot of it. On this week’s show: Anthem reportedly delayed till 2018. Xbox Game Pass gets a big announcement. The PlayStation 4 has been cracked. PlayStation gets sort of but not...
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BRB UK 332: Randomly Jiggled ( includes: Reggie Fils-Aime Retiring from Nintendo New Pokémon titles Sword and Shield revealed Rumour: Xbox Game Pass could come to Nintendo Switch Tim reviews Ape Out and City of Brass Danis still...
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BRB UK 320: No Man’s Spider-Verse (
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