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Tonight, we dive deep into the inner realm of the Age of Rebellion core rule book with Andy Fischer, lead developer for FFG and all around great guy....
Medium 7a13ddf10e15047fbb1af75fc4f1484c84613a46
...a show we have for you, GamerNation! We are joined by FFG Lead Developer for Age of Rebellion , Andy Fischer who treats us to over 2 hours of epic discussion all about...
Medium 7a13ddf10e15047fbb1af75fc4f1484c84613a46
...Edge of the Empire and the newest installment in the FFG Star Wars RPG series, Age of Rebellion . Chris and I take a swim through the book and talk about the GENCON...
Medium 7a13ddf10e15047fbb1af75fc4f1484c84613a46
...join GMs Dave and Phil for a hearty discussion on the newest book in the Age of Rebellion line, Forged In Battle. This soldier spec book is choc full of juicy bits and...
Medium 7a13ddf10e15047fbb1af75fc4f1484c84613a46
...this episode of the Order 66 Podcast. We finally break into the Rebel Red of Age of Rebellion and delve into discussion of the Medic specialization in our recurring Well Isnt That Special...
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The Order 66 Podcast Episode 62 - Dont Get Tactical with Me

GMDave@d20radio.com (GM Dave and GM Chris)
...Specializations with a hard look at perhaps the most versatile support specialist in the game, Age of Rebellion s Tactician! The GMs discuss the highs and lows of the spec and take it...
Medium 7a13ddf10e15047fbb1af75fc4f1484c84613a46
...and Fandom Comicer Keith Kappel joins the Order 66 Podcast to dig deep into the Age of Rebellion GM Kit and the Dead in the Water adventure! With tons of discussion on the...
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The Order 66 Podcast Episode 34 - Firing the Canon

GMDave@d20radio.com (GM Dave and GM Chris)
...for a discussion on managing player expectations and working within (and without) canon for an Age of Rebellion game. We also discuss non-combative characters in an informative When Good Games Go Bad, step...
Medium 7a13ddf10e15047fbb1af75fc4f1484c84613a46
...join us for a deep dive into the recently released Strongholds of Resistance sourcebook for Age of Rebellion . With the help of these fine gentlemen, we discuss the ins and outs of...
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Flux : Titre inconnu
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Flux : In Our Time
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