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...we spoke to Franck Carducci and heard music by Franck Carducci, Supertramp, Kansas, Billy Joel, Aphrodite's Child , Tiger Moth Tales, Mary Reynaud, Genesis, Elton John, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, The Beatles...
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...From Progzilla Towers Edition 339. In this All Request edition we heard music by Yes, Aphrodite's Child , Inga Humpe, Jon Lord, John Hackett Band, Grandval, Kraftwerk, Von Hertzen Brothers, Man On...
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The Hard Stuff #14

Sonic Daydream
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1.The Chats,Identity Theft 2.The Silent,Ambition 3.Malarians,Get Out Of Dallas 4.Vermilion,Angry Young Women 5. Aphrodite's Child ,The Capture of The Beast 6.Blue Statue,Womb Wave 7.Funkadelic,Standing On The Verge Of Getting It...
Medium b1164692d66a8078a4a90d43e8a09d729e9037ec
...Foglia Tea Party - Time Mashmakhan - Days When We Are Free Jackal - Awake Aphrodite's Child - Loud Loud Loud/Four Horsemen Vangelis - A Song/My Face In The Rain Ween -...
Medium 608a8d3eec4ca75ee5908b0f651026c89f1e974a
...Bébés Dinosaures 4 février 2018 Deep Purple Hard Lovin' Man In Rock [25th ann.] 1970 Aphrodite's Child The system/Babylon 666 1972 Lynyrd Skynyrd I'm a country boy Live Winterland, 27 04 1975...
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Spanish Rice

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...45 7 / Love . My little red book . German Vogue 45 8 / Aphrodite's Child . Magic mirror . German Mercury 45 9 / The Party Brothers . Our love...
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...Trip - Elephant Gun - The Witch's Wife Pas de chichi, appelez moi Super - Aphrodite's Child - The Four Horsemen Nada Surf – Psychic Caramel - Choix de Laetita Suuns –...
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Medium ecf901b5c034a70726ee93607160d47ef33df646
...Horse - Cinnamon Girl ; Igor Stravinsky - Le Sacre du printemps, Augures printaniers ; Aphrodite's Child ‎– Spring Summer Winter and Fall • Morceau de fin : Kero Kero Bonito -...
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Flux : Prog à Part
FISH / Vigil (GB-1990) APHRODITE's CHILD (GR) Hommage à Edgard FROESE - TANGERINE DREAM / Ricochet (D-1975) Interview MARDI SOIR
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